Ollivander's Wand Shop

(Please note: All reference to Harry Potter is my personal interpretation of the books.  These are personal creations which are NOT for sale and are one of a kind pieces.)

Ah, what to do while I was waiting for Hogwarts to arrive.....For almost two years I attempted to wait patiently for Hogwarts  (a castle designed by Rik Pierce and me and built solely through the ingenuity and talent of Rik!) to arrive.

Well, first I found that it is impossible for me not to be building something! So I took a Creative PaperClay class with Rik and then went on to built  Ollivander's Wand shop  and Honeyduke's  Candy Shop. Although both of these are discussed in detail in the Harry Potter series, I created my own interpretation of them.

The Wandshop has over one hundred wand boxes and  wands spread throughout the small store. Cobwebs, dust and general clutter add to the effect of the small space. If nothing else, this shop was enormously fun to build!!! And excellent practice with Creative Paperclayİ.

Now, if you are in need of wands, I recommend that you contact Ericka Van Horn. She helped with the wands, and many specialty items. She has a real talent for the unusual! And I would be remiss if I didn't suggest that you contact Julie Foucault of  Bella Minis for help with boxes. Julie worked hard making many boxes for me to age and label. Boxes are different shapes and sizes.

Honeyduke's Candy Shoppe

Interested in the candy shoppe chocolate frogs and all?

f you think that the candy shop looks remarkably like the Wand shop, then you are correct! Honeyduke's is made with the exact same roombox plan as Ollivander's. But it did give me an opportunity to work on a different type of detail. Although the plan is the same, the outcome is different. The candy shop is awake and lively---with very lively chocolate frogs jumping here and there! If you need chocolate frogs, I would advise that you contact  Ericka Van Horn. She also has a website,  E V Miniatures where she sells such wonders as spell books, wizarding items and other specialty pieces. it is certainly worth a look. But giving credit where credit is due, specialty candy can also be made for you by  Laurel English of Belera Beach Originals. Her handcrafted candy is certainly a treasure. And close-up shots of the shop suggest that those chocolate frogs are out of control!

And here is the full view of the shoppe!


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