The Village


A View of the Complete Village
(the Full Manor Side)

There is lots of history that goes with the Village and we would take up lots of room describing the purchase, shipment and set-up of the structure! Let it suffice to say that it arrived in 7 large crates with some detailed instructions! If you would like more information on that aspect, please feel free to contact me and I will respond quickly! Full articles about the Village have been published in both the United States and England.  In the United States, the article appeared in the September 2000 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures. In England,  you'll find information in the  July 2000 issue of Dolls House World. In the meantime, let's get started with the Village! 

The Village was actually constructed as a Tudor Hamlet by an English artisan Gerry Welch. It is a complex structure with four sides. Each side contains shops and specialty services. For the sake of clarity, we are going to look at the Village from each side separately.

And the very best place to start is the crowded Town Square! The Town Square is actually one side of the Village.  Looking directly at the Square, one can see the both the side of several stores and the Manor.

Click here or on the photo for a close up view of the square's inhabitants and activities! The only store that opens directly on to the Square is the Tea Room. Click here  for a close-up view of the Village Tea Room 




The Village Square Side
(...the full view with the exposed shoppes!)

This view of the Village actually shows the open shoppes. To reach most of the shoppes throughout the Village, the front of the shoppe, school, or public buildings merely comes off. That also has allowed for easy decoration. 

Although all of the shoppes came painted in a dull off-white with some form of flooring and a basic light, decorating and pulling the shoppes "together" served to be a challenge. Much of the wiring required repair or replacement by the time I was done. Most spaces were left intact; a suitable border, curtains and lighting enhancements served to be a challenge enough! These spaces are small and required some imagination to decorate! 

The main Manor is located at the top of the stairs. The first three floors are the entry complete with a set of full armor, the formal eating area, and the bedroom. Unfortunately these photos do not capture one of my special possessions. My daughter created a scale needlepoint piece which hangs on the wall in the Main dining room. It has fast become a special family treasure. Please click here for a close-up view of the Manor. Above the bedroom, and hidden from this view, is the hospital. The hospital is exposed in a different view. 

Although Gui's Hospital opens on the Tavern Inne Side, it is on the very top floor. The only way to reach it is through the top floor of the Manor (the bedroom). Since the Manor actually houses the physician for the Village, the hospital access is most convenient for him!  This picture just about describes the condition of the patient and the hospital!

Directly to the right of the Manor are two establishments. The first floor houses the school. Please click on the books if you would like to view the classroom close-up!

The second floor shoppe, KMO's Threads to Bare, has some real treasures. All of the knitted items were created by Kay Olson, a very talented miniaturist with special knitting skills. Click on the knitting needles for a close-up view!


                         Tavern Inne Side



 This view shows the open Tavern, Blacksmith Shop, Cobbler, and Needful Things. In addition, the  cemetery and alley walkway are visible. To begin viewing the close-up photos of the Tavern Inne side, click on the to view the Tavern Inne. To see the Blacksmith Shop, click on the anvil..  More interested in the Shoe Maker? Click on the shoes!!... Now for S.K. Needful  Things. Interested in the history of Needful Things and the shop's items? Just click the moving flower! Oh, one last thing...look at the chimney on the top of the Tavern where there is a friendly Chimney Sweep at work. To get a close-up view of the Jamie Carrington Chimney Sweep, please click the broom .

Ready for the last side of the Village? 

The Mortuary Side....



The last three establishments (and one sleeping room) are located on this side of the Village. The Mortuary was an addition suggested by my husband. To view the Mortuary and the Mortician, Will N. Testament, please click on the coffin...  The Game and Toy Shop is a special treat. Click on puppet to view the tiny treasures.  Now, last, but certainly not least, is the Apothecary. The Village Apothecary is stocked with all manner of herbal drugs and various medicines. Just click the mortar and pestle  for a close view.

Well, you have finished the full tour of the Village. Please contact me  if you would like details or information on a specific item. If you would like to return to the Projects page, just click on the arrow!

Thank you for visiting my Village.