KMO's Threads to Bare...

KMO's is indeed a special place. Check all the knitted material closely. From infant layettes to mittens and sweaters, the detail work is amazing! From the button holes to the trim on the red hood, everything is perfect.

But there was one problem with KMO's. There was no access to the store! At one time Gerry created an entrance, but couldn't remember what it was. When the Village arrived in Iowa, there was no way up to this store. So, with a little ingenuity and a lot of time, I made a spiral staircase up to the knitting shop. So, now KMO's has an entrance and open access!

Above  KMO's is a very simple sleeping room. The only access to this room is actually through the back of the knit shoppe. To return to the Village main page, please click the door! To contact me, just click the envelope!