The Village Tea Room

The Village Tea Room was a creation based on the Village itself.  Notice that the borders on the wall are actually the very same borders on the top of each of the Village  pages on this website. With a computer, some help, and a lot of patience, these houses are actually taken from various pictures of the Village and then captured, miniaturized and put in a border. Difficult you ask? Nope...I did it myself. If you would like additional information, just contact me below!

Unfortunately, the carpet is not visible in the pictures.Thanks to the many talents of Marcia McClain, it is also a replica of one of the Village pictures! Tea sets, silverware, food and accessories come from all over the world. Libby of Lilliput Arts gets all of the credit for hand painting the Village buildings on the chairs and painting teapots on the furniture. The Tea Room was the first room in the Village that I completed. Once I had that shoppe planned, it seemed that all of the rest fell in place. To return to the Village Main page, please click on the door!

If you would like more information, please click on the envelope and contact me!