A Time for All Seasons

The final roombox I completed in my icebox is a clock shop---A Time for All Seasons. Inspired by a clockmaker that I saw at a large show, I asked Marcia Backstrom to make me a clock maker. Ian Berry of England crated the workbench and sent some tools.  I then searched the web and all of my  resources for more tools. Between Ron Stetkewicz, Small Time, Roux Clocks and some general shops, I gradually pulled together hundreds of clock parts and tools.


This time Peter created the roombox with the sidewalk in front, changing the depth perception of the box. The clockmaker's working area is clearly within view so that the details of the pieces are easily seen. the back door gives the illusion of even greater depth!

Oh, one more detail; the desk is a Fjare desk (and was a special gift!)

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