The Tavern and the Inside Story....

These people are creations of Philip Beglan in England. Unfortunately for the miniature world, Philip has moved on to other things and is no longer creating dolls. The gentleman in the front has heard quite enough form his lady-friend; the gentleman in the back is busy explaining the ills of the world to all who will listen. The proprietor is listening to his patrons and rapidly filling empty glasses!

A few details of the tavern go unnoticed in these pictures, but certainly lend ambience to the general atmosphere!

All of the games- including the chess board, checker board, marble game,  dart board, cards, and accessories are phonies here!!! 

All of the bottles of liquor have clear and accurate labels. And many have the actual product sealed inside! Wine, champagne, and several of the brews are real! 

The ceiling is pounded tin, the walls are  brick and the floors and an aged wood.


Much of the furniture was created by Linwood Group. Sadly, Jim, one of the primary builders, is no longer with us to continue the tradition of Linwood builders. The bar and back bar accessories are the creative invention of Mark and Sharon Stockton!

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