When in doubt, make a Roombox!

I have found that sometimes I have a type of furniture, for example, desks,  that interest me. I don't need a house or large planned structure, I simple need a roombox! Below is one such roombox--- with desks of varying  size, shape,  and function!

The exterior of this structure took a very short time to create, but placing just the right desks and accessories took somewhat longer. This desk collection  showpieces three desks from three different artisans.

Noral Olson has been mentioned several times on this website. He is a long time friend who has created many signature pieces for me. This desk is an Aaron Burr desk. It completely closes and looks just like a table.

Flavio Schiavo created this "Secretaire XVIII Century" desk. It is round with hidden drawers---7 drawers! When closed, it looks like a small round desk. When open it looks like a masterpiece!

This Italian creation  is quite unique in my collection.

This photo also shows the phenomenal work of Orvin Fjare. He has been handcrafting desks in the United States for many years. His  gorgeous desk was a gift from my husband several  years ago and has moved from structure to structure. But I think this time it has found a home of it's own---in the very center of a roombox constructed solely to display desks!

And behind door 2.....ROOMBOX 2!

A Tribute to medicine

Every piece of the medical equipment was created by Christina Noriega from Spain. I saw her work at the Tom Bishop International Show in  2002 and became enthralled with building my own medical room. This doctor (created by Gudrun Kolenda of Feather Lace and Clay ) was the perfect addition to my piece.

The roombox houses a physician of many trades---the room contains x-ray equipment, a dental chair and accessories, and all the equipment and lenses necessary for a good eye exam! One stop shopping at its best! (Actually I simply wanted to display some exquisite and unique medical pieces!)

Roomboxes are easy structures to build and are easily housed in bookshelves and on small tables. In my house they provide a means of displaying small and unique settings without taking up extra floor space and requiring additional display units.


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