The Ritz....the Wallace Theatre




The Ritz is actually an adult sized theater in our home. My husband has created it over several years and many, many hours of labor and love. So what better tribute to the person who supports me the most in all of my miniature endeavors than to build him his theater in miniature? So with the help of Peter Tucker, we created the box. David Chatterton of Les Chats in England helped me with the seats. And Marcia McClain of McBay Miniatures  created the drapes to my specifications. I miniaturized the movie posters on his walls and replicated his lighting.

In The Ritz there are two life size "people" who stay in the theater all of the time. As the creation of the mini-theater progressed, Carol Bull of Bags of Characters made me two people to fit in that theater, too.










And just how does my mini-theater compare to the real theater? Well, I'll let you be the judge of that!


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