Upper Floor

Phoebus Folly

The ceilings on both of these rooms, as well as the walls in the bedroom were hand made, mixing sand, paint and coloring. It was a matter of trial and error---with many errors! The ceiling was applied to cover the tape wiring.

The bedroom furniture is a creation of Ken Byers of Shaker Works West who also created the floors. The large cupboard in the back of the room is actually an "illusion" and only the front. Due to the size of the room, we decided to have a "fake front" for the cupboard and create a built in effect. Ken worked with me on the dimensions and accurate sizing. This room is filled with a gamekeeper's details---socks drying on the heater, dirty boots, sweaters and a night shirt. Hats, bags, and other hunting items are hung on the hooks. After you have looked at the bedroom and upper sitting area, please click here to return to the main story!