The Ministry of Magic

(Please note: All reference to Harry Potter is my personal interpretation of the books.  These are personal creations which are NOT for sale and are one of a kind pieces.)

Rik Pierce and I began work on the Ministry of Magic two years before it was finally realized. Since the Ministry was technically underground, we created the project in a very large room box with multiple rooms on both sides. For your frame of reference, I  will refer to the atrium side (which contains the  phone booth, pub, atrium with elevators (this goes all the way through the box to the other side) and the Wizengamot.


The photo gallery of the Wizengamot side. Click each photo for  the picture.

The atrium

The atrium is the focal point of this side. It reaches all the way through to the other side. This is the entrance into the Ministry and houses a desk for weighing the wands and the fountain (among other things!)

The Desk

the wands are all offically weighed here. There are over 20 collector wands on the desk---along with a scale and a log---and a little money!

The Fountain

A collaboration between Rik, Cat Winger and me!

The phone booth

The "real" entrance to the Ministry when not entering through the flo network!

The upper level tavern

This is perhaps the Leaky Caldron or maybe just a tavern. It is definitely a wizard's tavern, though.

The Wizengamot

The official room for Wizard trials. It contains wizards, refence texts, stacks of papers and more.

the stacks in the Wizengamot

Just an example of the details---some created by Ericka Van Horn and others by me. A mixed display!


The  other side of the box is the prophecy room side. It contains several very interesting rooms including the prophecy room, planet room, brain room, time room, Veil room, center atrium, Mr. Weasley's office and the Auror's office.




The photo gallery of the  prophecy room side. Click the photos!

The prophecy room

This room contains over 800 globes holding all kinds of prophecies. The majority of these globes were created just for this room. Each globe has a name and number on it. In addition there is a mirrored wall to create the illusion of more depth.

Planet room

This room was my first attempt at motion. The planets move slowly and carefully around the sun in the room.

The planet room

Yet another angle with the planets moving.

The Brain tank

Mary Ann of Wright Guide Miniatures created the brains; I painted them and created the tank. If you are interested in the tank preparation, contact me; it was a long and complicated process!

Time Dome

The Time Dome actually displays a mini-motion picture of the egg opening and the bird emerging. It is surrounded by time turners, clocks and other time devices.

The Veil Room

This room has several illusions. A 3D illusion on the back wall creates motion and distance for those travelers past the veil. In addition there are black lighing effects to create a mist and a low whisper is heard throughout the room. But I sense there is still more to come here!

Lupin at the elevators

Lupin, Kingsley and Mr. Weasley are all creations of Jodi Creager. Lupin is standing at the hallway where there are both elevators and fireplaces-the main entrances for the wizards. Rik Pierce created this masterful room that opens into the atrium.

Kingsley at the elevators

Note the memos (they are the mini paper airplanes!)

Mr. Weasley's office

This office is filled with muggle items---motors, books on how-to, electrical devices and other items. Mr. Weasley is intent on discovering how these work.

The Auror's office

This office is filled with cubicles each with their own supply of wizarding supplies. There is also a large potions table to be used by everyone. One window is enchanted to look like summer, the other winter. (Remember these are underground)

Auror's office

A close-up view of the office area.

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