The Interior of the Factory

(see the details below the picture)

This picture has been purposely left enlarged. In the top picture, please note the fire station (almost complete), the church (under construction) and the completed house in the background. The fire station has the small but clear photo and finish plans below it. The matching paint and brushes are on the floor for the shop supervisor. 

The lower picture has samples of finished houses. The octagonal house, lighthouse (which works) and the pink painted lady were created by Tom Gudgel.

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The photos above illustrate more finished houses. The upper room with the clearly visible wallpaper border (more on that later), the spotlights and the finished houses is the Showroom. The two rooms in the lower picture are small storage room and the shipping and freight room. The small storage room not only houses a building or two for shipping, it also holds extra shipping supplies, paints, tools, crates, boxes, packing material and a myriad of other very necessary supplies. There was an extension to Dream of a Dollhouse created after this picture was taken. There is a description of the extension in the main story, but  if you would like to go directly to the Extension, please click here!

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