A Very Special Creation

(Please note: All reference to Harry Potter is my personal interpretation of the books.  These are personal creations which are NOT for sale and are one of a kind pieces.)

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The creation of  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a long process. Rik Pierce (the master builder) and I spent long hours planning, replanning and working on detail items. Eventually the castle will have its very own website, but for now, please enjoy the 2 Photo Galleries!


Hogwarts Video

This is the first attempt at a video link  for the website.

If you would like to see 3 short videos that include the greenhouse, please click here!


External Shots of Hogwarts

Hogwarts full view

This view is the front of Hogwarts completed!

Side view of Hogwarts

The One Eyed Humpback Witch

A special entrance for the castle!

Professor Sprout on the outside balcony

The Greenohouse will eventually be placed right here!


Internal Shots of Hogwarts

The internal shots of Hogwarts are meant to give you a preview of the entire inside. More photos and descriptions will  be developed for this website.

Trelawney's tower!

Moaning Myrtle's bathroom

the Boggart Cabinet

Can you see the boggart?

The chess room

The House Elf kitchen (another view)

Snape's dungeon

Dumbedore's office

Gryffindor Main Hall

The House Elf Kitchen

Restricted area of the library

The new greenhouse installed

Full view of the new greenhouse

Close-up view of the mandrakes!

The "Greenman" entry to the Greenhouse

Greenhouse interior

Close-up of Dubledore and his podium

Gil Mena Portrait of this Hogwarts!!!

Located above the main hall door in the interior

The instructor's podium in the side niche

Flying keys and 3 headed dog

Keys and dog are in the hidden space

The main hall and Dumbledore

Note the podium. Handmade by Cliff Feltrope

Hagrid and the Thestral

located in the niche adjacent to the moat. Not easily seen!

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