The Gin Game....


The Gin Game has special meaning to me. My mother had a best friend whom she visited regularly and they played gin...lots and lots of gin. They discussed the ways of the world, their children and life in general during these gin games. I have great and fond memories of the gin game and the room in which they played. Unfortunately the pictures of the people as well as the furnishings do not do the room justice.

The roombox (as with the rest of the roomboxes in the icebox) was made by Peter Tucker. He designed the rooms according to my specifications. The reason that this room is so very difficult to photograph is that the opening into the room is actually small---it is a doorway entry with steps down. In real life the entry looks quite realistic, but there is no good way to create the full view in a  photograph.  The room steps down with bookcases on the left wall and a fireplace on the right wall. The back wall actually has a space behind it for a scene since this is a large picture window. 

The roombox, chandelier, paint color and details are really quite accurate replicas of the actual room, but the furnishings are not. Although the furnishings are placed in the room  in the same way the actual furnishing were, the furniture is slightly different. Lynn Whisenant created the vast majority of the furnishings. Somehow they were perfect for the room. 

When I sent a photo of the Gin Players to my family, they knew instantly who it was---so the room must be a reasonable facsimile of the original room!

The two characters were created by Marcia Backstrom and they do look like Mother and her friend Marian. No mistaking it!!! The details are incredibly accurate. My mother was the person on the right---red hair, a gold lame purse and wonderful glasses....And Marian also looks like Marian.

When I look at this room, I think of my mother and her wonderful ideas, her courage and her sense of humor. I know I am not alone. And I know she is still playing gin. And I'm pretty sure she is laughing and would like to remind me not to take life so seriously. So this roombox and all of its treasures remind me each day of those things in life that are truly important. So we have at tribute to my mother and a wonderful life time game of Gin.

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