The Manor Kitchen

Exterior View

This is the view of the kitchen from the outside. Please note the bar stools, counter and cupboards that open on both sides. Noral Olson created this entire kitchen. He created the finish on the cabinets to coordinate with the hand painted wallpaper which I created. Noral is clearly a master in design and artistry! The brick flooring is a marvelous product from England that really is a fiberglass sheet with a raised and textured look and feel. It is simple to install. The dishes are also from England. The topiary was created by Marie's Mini's. For more information on any of these items, please contact me .

Interior View

I have always been amazed at Noral's artistry,  but this kitchen clearly shows his unique gifts and  imagination. Every cupboard  opens and is finished in the interior. The corner unit has three small drawers which add dimension to the  design. The stove is a center island stove. I chose to accent the kitchen with earthenware dishes, lots of potted plants and food products. The cake with candles on the  counter actually lights. Unfortunately, the window treatments are not clearly visible in these photos; all of them are creations of Marcia McClain! We sent the extra fabric to Noral and he created appropriate seat covers for the bar stools. It seems that most every detail was covered in this in this design. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Please click here to return to the French Country Manor main page.