French Country Manor Stairwell


When one is working with some small spaces, every inch  needs to be interesting. The stairwell needed to attract attention almost as much as any other room. Although that was clearly true in first floor entry area, I discovered some hidden opportunities on the second floor, too!

This wallpaper is made in the United States and is available through most miniature shops. I chose a deep burgundy carpet to go with the wallpaper. The upper border of the paper is actually part of the paper and not independent border. The paper was easy to install and certainly created a charming effect.

I sent the paper and carpet to Marcia  (McBay Miniatures) and requested a formal window treatment. Although some window treatments probably should not be the focal point of a room, I thought this window treatment deserved to be the "main attraction". I was very pleased with the result!

Furnishing were a relatively simple matter. I mixed several styles and price ranges. I was very pleased with the chandelier which I order on-line! 

A Tip: (One which you will see several times in this section!)

Some furnishings are expensive and some are not. The key to wise decorating is to choose your pieces carefully. Choose expensive pieces that are in your price range to accent and highlight your room. Choose less expensive pieces to "fill" your room and complete the setting. A good mix of expensive and less expensive pieces  decorates a room (or house) nicely!

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