The French Country Manor Den


Just a little history...and just for fun!

I had he opportunity to work with Ray Whitledge and Terry Noack of Whitledge and Associates for several years before I started work on this room. Ray creates wonderful room boxes with magnificent detailing. I really wanted a complete "Whitledge Room" but thought that might be a little beyond my scope of things. However, as a birthday present a few years a go, my husband gave me a  COMPLETE room! This is how we did it....

I carefully measured and considered the room. It has a rather odd long rectangular shape. It is 22 inches long (which makes it extremely deep). In addition, the exterior door is a double French door to the outside. I sent all of the information to Terry and Ray.


We considered colors and design. I decided on a "man's library" similar to one I had seen. We jointly decided on a deep Blue and Burgundy....and here we have the room!

I completed the wiring, wallpaper, trim, flooring and drapery design.

Whitledge created the room and Marcia McClain created the drapes! I was not allowed to open the furniture until my birthday and had no idea what the room was going to look like! Ray and Terry sent me a complete diagram so I would know exactly where to place everything, and in what order....yes, they told me to lay the carpet first!! Now, what do you think?

Now, I must admit that over time I have added a few items....a table, the grandfather clock, a camera....but the basic design of the room stays in tact....perhaps a small tribute to Terry Noack and his patience over the years in working with me.

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