Chessington Plaza

Chessington Plaza is a creation of the Lawbre Company.  When I initially saw the Plaza, I was intrigued. 


Before we get any will be helpful if you know the layout of Chessington Plaza!

This picture of the Plaza is from the front. There are two sides which are exactly the same in design. The center area holds a large staircase and two upper rooms. The structure itself has 8 stairwells, 18 rooms, 2 patios and a formal entry. The major challenge in the Plaza was the size of the rooms. All of the rooms are small and several have irregular shapes.

The left side of the Plaza holds a Floral Shoppe, Bakery and living quarters for a family. (Click the arrow to view the left side!)

The right side of the Plaza contains a Hat Shoppe on the first floor and living quarters above. (Click the arrow to view the right side!)

Thank you for visiting the Plaza!

Chessington Plaza has many other details that are not visible in these pages. These include:

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