Chessington Plaza Left Side...

This view of the left side clearly shows The Two Brothers Bakery and Floral Shoppe. The second floor has a child's room and bathroom; the third floor as a kitchen and dining room; the fourth floor has a master bedroom and living room; the fifth floor is a den and balcony garden. Details on the floor and design will emerge as you look, but this should be enough to get started!

This picture is merely a close up version of the entire left side .

The baker and florist are brothers... Click here for a closer view of the baker! More interested in the florist? Click here

The left side of the Plaza has been recently decorated with modern furniture, appliances and a renovated bathroom. (As you will see, the right side of the Plaza still maintains the 1950's "look"!)

The dining room on the left side has been furnished with Whitledge and Associates furniture and an Ellen  Blauer light fixture! Please click here for a close-up view.

The top floor on this side is also furnished with Whitledge furniture. It is a den and balcony area. Chick here for the close-up view!

To move on to the right side of the Plaza click hereand enjoy!

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