The Half Scale Projects

The Monastery


In 2006 I decided that I had so many miniatures that I would venture into the half-scale world. So here we are! I completed two Bill Lankford pieces before I finally decided  to give it up for 1/12 scale!!! There pieces arrived with their exteriors primarily complete. The challenge was to create interiors with all the details that are my personal passion. The library actually came pretty lose, as did the kitchen. Unfortunately, I found that I was not up to the challenge in several rooms---there simply wasn't enough space to create  full tables, cluttered beds and  more...





The stained glass windows


I had several attempts at the stained glass windows and finally settled on an artisan that I think created the windows  suited my space. her name is Barbara Sabia and I would recommend her work to anyone. Please enjoy the photo gallery of all of the rooms of the monastery. Click on the thumbnails to see a full picture.

The kitchen

This room has the food and clutter which makes me the most comfortable with my miniatures!

The Kite Flyer

This is tryly a Bill Lankford vision. I had Ellen Poitras create a new doll and I created a few details for the scene.

The Bird feeder

There are two views of this scene as each view offers a different dimension

The Bird feeder

This bird bath and bird feeder and filled with activities and lots of half scale birds.

The gardener

The half scale plants came from many sources---sprecial orders, searching the web and shows.


The scholar has parchment and books all over the room. Each room has half scale missles by Jean Day.

The senior monk

Here with a basket of food--sitting and enjoying the outside

The Monastery painter

I incorporated scaffolding from Bill Lankford to create an outside scene of my own. All the dolls were made by Ellen Poitras.

Side view of the monastery

This is simply another view of the monastery exterior.

Monastery bedroom

A simple bedrrom with a few crosses on the bed and votive candles in the room. The majority of the furniture was created by Mark and Sharon Stockton.

A second view of the stained glass

The mill

with bags of flour, sugar and bins of other storage items

The winery

Our wine keeper is enjoying the fruits of his labors.

For additional information, please contact me . I would be pleased to  provide you with artisan information and contacts.

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