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The Haunted House



Front View of the Haunted House

Both the front and back sides of the haunted house are filled with details created by Bill Lankford. He brought me a haunted house finished on the outside and virtually empty on the inside. And this haunted house must really be haunted as it haunted me until I finished the basic rooms.

Here are a few of the details:

Please enjoy the photo gallery below the picture of the back of the haunted house.

The back of the Haunted House

The Photo Gallery

The bedroom with the piano

The piano conceals the bed. So here is a view without it

the bedroom without the piano

The piano conceals the bed. So here is a view without it

The dining room

The dining room has lots of details, but they are hard to capture in tiny photos. There is a face coming out of the wall....

Close-up of the front door

Full view of the right side

The full views of the inside do not do the piece justice, but at least you can get an idea...

Full view of the left side

close-up of the witch's haunted basement

a witch's haunted basement

A haunted library

The library has lots of detail---books, cats, potions and desk supplies

The living room and bedroom

A witch's living room complete with poison apples and other mysterious treats---and ivy growing from the walls

The living room

The Marcia Backstrom witch

The Miriam Kalles witch

The Todd Krueger witch


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