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Miniatures in Review....

Please join me for a review of some of my buildings...all in one inch scale.

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Just a Sample....
To Dream of a Dollhouse


To Dream of a Dollhouse....a doll house factory!

A little history...

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I began creating miniature structures about 20 years ago. I had no idea that there was an entire world of miniaturists, artists, and craftsman out there. I also did not know there was help for all of my projects. Therefore I adopted the learn as you go technique, very painful but very rewarding! I am sure that many of you had the same experience. This website is designed for you to take a break and have some fun. But it is also designed to offer suggestions, how-tos, and how not-tos as you move through projects. Many of my projects have been published by Dollhouse Miniatures over the years. A few years ago  Dolls House World started  publishing my structures. In 2011 DollHouse and Miniature Scene  also started publishing my projects. So all of these magazines deserve credit for their perseverance and faith in my work. If you think you have seen some of these pictures before, perhaps you have seen a similar pictures in one of the magazines. To assist you in your research, I have referenced the magazines where appropriate.

Now, please enjoy the photos and ideas.  I have separated the sections by buildings, sharing the unique history and development of each structure as we go. If one building doesn't  interest you, perhaps another will!


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